HTC Desire Alarm Clock Not Working

Have you got the HTC Desire and the alarm clock is not working?

The HTC Desire is an Android based phone, I was frustrated to find that the alarm would work intermittently. When I went into the clock, set the alarm, the alarm worked great. The next morning the alarm failed to go off… ARGHHHH… Finally after some messing around I figured it out, it was the task killer I was using, would you believe it that when the task killer killed all unclosed and unused applications to free up the memory, it killed the clock as well, well this stopped the alarm from working, even though the clock still worked and the alarm icon was still displayed?? So I added the clock as an exception in the task killer settings and now when I run the task killer the alarm still works.

So if you have one of these phones or maybe another android phone, killing the clock kills the alarm! but the clock still works…!!


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