VMware Fusion 4 very slow on MacBook Pro

Well I have finally moved over to a Mac and I am using a MacBook Pro, Intel Dual Core Processor with 4GB of RAM and running OSX Lion. Unfortunately my job still entails me to use Windows based applications like VB .net and Windows domain tools, so I decided to try VMware Fusion 4, the Mac version of this popular virtualisation application. I have been using the Linux and Windows versions on the servers at work and the desktop I used to use, so i thought all was good.

Unfortunately this was not the case. The trial version installed very easily, but the install of Windows 7 took ages! Once install the virtual system seemed slow on the pre-selected settings, it was like running it on an old 386! even the network seemed like dial up! I installed MS Office 2010 and configured Outlook and yep that was slow as well.

The next plan was to try Windows XP instead, the default virtual settings was yet again slow and so I adjusted the memory setting and increased it from 512MB to 1GB, still no joy! Office 2010 was slow in fact all the applications ran slow, even the OS!

I am disappointed with this VMware Fusion 4, maybe I need to try Version 3?

Update: Since writing this, I have removed version 4 and installed version 3. Version 3 is definatly faster for me.


10 thoughts on “VMware Fusion 4 very slow on MacBook Pro

  1. I have noticed excatly the the same slow speed. I upgraded from VMWare fusion 3 which was very fast and thought it was a great product but version 4 has let me down.

  2. Fusion 4 is super slow for me as well, and I’m on a mid 2010 MacBook Pro 17″. Core i5, 4 GB RAM…

    Fusion 3 was superior in terms of speed.

  3. something definitely happened with this new version. So slow, it is virtually unusable.

  4. Anytime companies try to add more features they inevitably end up as resource hog. I have upgrade my RAM to 8gb on MacBook Pro and decided to upgrade Fusion 3.13 to 4.1
    First thing I noticed upon installation of Win7 is that out of 8Gb of RAM onboard, Fusion left me with just over 300mb of free RAM. WTF, VMWare? I am scrapping the version 4 and going back to lean and mean version 3.xx

  5. Same thing here, it is VERY slow, especially Win7. I use it for compiling code.
    WinXP running on Fusion4 is about 20 times the speed.
    I can’t say that Fusion3 with wasn’t that much faster with WinXP. But definitely
    way faster running Win7.
    Something is wrong with the network settings.
    Can someone from VMware get on it please?

    This is on Intel Core 2 Duo.

  6. I’m creating development environments using VMWare Fusion. Originally I was running LAMP servers in Fusion v3 then upgraded to v4. The change is very noticable and just as disappointing. VMWare Fusion 4 is much slower. The performance challenges appear to be network related. My development IDS is running natively on my Macbook Air (Intel Core i7 w/ 4 cores). The VM’s are identical. There’s a possibility that the VM’s were crippled in the migration/upgrade process. I’d love to get more information on this as I don’t really have time to dig through the bowels of both Mac and VMWare trying to figure this out.
    Summary: My experience with Fusion v3 was much better than v4. When I have time, I’ll consider going back to 3.

  7. I’m experiencing the same problems. Exact same hardware that you have as well. Windows 7 VM is absolutely crawling.

  8. Since writing this, I have removed version 4 and installed version 3. Version 3 is definatly faster for me.

  9. Same problem with me. Need to use development framework that runs only in Windows. Mac Book Pro Core i7 8Gb. I have tried all the combinations of processor and memory. Recommendation: don’t leave Mac OS with few processors…

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