Canon EOS M3 LCD Display Replacment & Repair

The Canon EOS M3 camera is a great tool, small, easy to use and with DSLR functions, with my only gripe being it has no view finer, meaning it solely relays on the digital touch screen LCD, unfortunatly mine argued with a rock wall and lost, cracking the screen. Luckily the display was still fully functional, although it had an obvious multiple cracks, I decided to apply a cut down iphone screen proctector, just to protect my fingers and hopefully prevent it from getting worse (yes, I know I should have put one on sooner!).

The challenge now was finding a new screen (user damage is not covered under warranty) and fitting it, so I began searching on the internet for any repair info, there was lots, but nothing for the EOS M3, Hense this post.
To remove the old screen:

  1. Remove the battery.
  2. Remove the 2 screws on the right side (where the controls are)
  3. Remove the 3 screws from the underside (same side as the display)
  4. Remove the screw from the top left.
  5. Flip the display out and over (exposing the back), now remove the 4 screws (2 top and 2 bottom by the hinge) on the back of the camera.
  6. Flip the display back in place.
  7. Slide off the rear housing (carefully) to expose the 2 ribbon cables.
  8. Unclip the ribbon cables: (A) for the control cable, the clip on the ribbon side flips up. (B) for the display the clip opposite the ribbon flips up. 
  9. Remove the 2 screws on the rear of the housing holding on the display.
  10. Carefully peal off the display ribbon from the case (its held on by double sided sticky tape).
  11. Now replacing the LCD is just the reversal of above.

Its a simple and straight forward operation to replace the LCD display assembly, finding the LCD display assembly was the challenge, as very few places sold them and the ones that did was expensive (over £100). I did manage to find one on ebay for £60.00 GBP + postage, however on arrival although being new, it didn’t work, so it was returned.

I am currently looking for another one and I will update this blog post with my findings. 


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