Digital Nomad Tech Gear: Nextstand Laptop Stand

6189bc207ul-_sl1200_Having your laptop at eye level is great for your posture and when travelling comfort should not be forgotten, this is where the Nextstand Laptop Stand comes into play, its lightweight folding design is ideal not just for travel, but for all uses. With some laptop stands, your laptop can ‘slide off’, not with the Nextsand though, as it has a simple but effective laptop locking mechanism and the hight adjustment still works with your laptop attached, which is a valuable bonus.

Weighing less than 250 g and when folded down measuring just 35cm x 2.5cm x 2.5cm, it packs up small and comes with its own carrying bag.519b4vys1l-_sl1200_61lyxhdfrkl-_sl1200_

Price wise, the Nextstand Laptop Stand is reasonable at just under £22 GBP and if you are an Amazon prime member its comes with free next day delivery.

Nextstand Laptop Stand:


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