Knowroaming Global SIM Sticker: SIM Error

Knowroaming Global Sim Stickers are great for travellers, simple to apply and use, you get a free UK number and a US one if you want, best of all the rates are really good. 

One down side to them though, they are single use, meaning once they are applied to your SIM card, that’s it, if you change network providers or get a new SIM card, you need a new knowroaming Global SIM sticker, which you will have to purchase. 

Recently I changed my network provider, so a new knowroaming Global SIM sticker was purchased, which took a couple of weeks to arrive, applying it to my SIM was still easy, and popping it into my iPhone went all good, but then problems. My SIM initially worked, provider was displayed and also 4G data symbol, then it displayed SIM Error, after some messing about with the phone settings I finally got it to work, here’s how;

  1. Either change Data to 3G or 2G and restart phone. 
  2. Activate and connect to WiFi.
  3. Navigate to settings, phone, SIM application.
  4. Scroll to the bottom and select “Check for Update”, it will take a few seconds, but it will display its progress (initially it looked like it wasn’t doing anything, but it was).
  5. When finished restart your phone. 
  6. Change your Data back to 4G. 

Everything now works great, with step 1, you may be able to just disable Data, rather than change the Data rate. 

If you want to get your own knowroaming Global SIM sticker, click on the the link below and get 30% off and $5 free credit using referee code CRAAN74.


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