PHPBB 3.x + PostFix + Virtualmin + Mass Email = FAIL

I have been using CentOS and Virtualmin for a number of years and recently I a requirement for a forum based system. I used PHPBB a number of years and so this was my first choice.


PHPBB installed correctly and i had the site up and running in no time, then one of the users complained they had requested a password reset, but never received one?

The core system was CentOS with the ‘full’ install of Virtualmin, before I have only used the webmin module for Virtualmin, so i started to debug the log files.

I tried sending an email in PHPBB using the ‘mass email’ function but the error was:

E-mail error
» EMAIL/PHP/mail()

There was no real obvious signs in the logs apart from:

postfix/sendmail[19438]: fatal: chdir /var/spool/postfix: Permission denied

In the ‘maillog’ log file.

I checked the PHP.INI config file and it was correct, for using Postfix

sendmail_path = /usr/sbin/sendmail -t –i

So it was head scratching time! I then remembered that in the past I have always had issues with SELinux and generally with internal servers i disable it. So i checked the settings and it was enabled, so i disabled it and rebooted.


Change SELINUX=enabled to SELINUX=disabled

Gave it a test by sending a test ‘mass email’ to a user and it worked, I then got the user to request a new password and that also worked!


VMware Fusion 4 very slow on MacBook Pro

Well I have finally moved over to a Mac and I am using a MacBook Pro, Intel Dual Core Processor with 4GB of RAM and running OSX Lion. Unfortunately my job still entails me to use Windows based applications like VB .net and Windows domain tools, so I decided to try VMware Fusion 4, the Mac version of this popular virtualisation application. I have been using the Linux and Windows versions on the servers at work and the desktop I used to use, so i thought all was good.

Unfortunately this was not the case. The trial version installed very easily, but the install of Windows 7 took ages! Once install the virtual system seemed slow on the pre-selected settings, it was like running it on an old 386! even the network seemed like dial up! I installed MS Office 2010 and configured Outlook and yep that was slow as well.

The next plan was to try Windows XP instead, the default virtual settings was yet again slow and so I adjusted the memory setting and increased it from 512MB to 1GB, still no joy! Office 2010 was slow in fact all the applications ran slow, even the OS!

I am disappointed with this VMware Fusion 4, maybe I need to try Version 3?

Update: Since writing this, I have removed version 4 and installed version 3. Version 3 is definatly faster for me.

Android SDK Install or Run Time Errors

developersI downloaded the Android SDK and installed it on my windows 7 64bit system. Everything installed ok, even the Java SDK. so now to build my first app.

I created my first virtual device and clicked start… Error…

Hint: use ‘@foo’ to launch a virtual device named ‘foo’.

and the virtual device failed to start.

After googleing around for the error, there was many reasons, from editing config files to putting the path into system variables settings…

Well the easy solution:

When you install the Android SDK don’t install to:

C:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk or C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk

Instead install to:


and it will run perfectly.

It looks like the Android SDK does not support long filenames.

iOS 5 Will Apple Ever Start Charging?

Well with the up and coming release of iOS 5, you have to wonder if Apple will ever decide to charge for major releases of their OS’s like they do for their Mac software. The upgrade from leopard to lion costs money, where as the minor updates are free, so really one does have to wonder if this we will see this across all apple OS’s.
iOS 5 introduces over 200 updates and is set to revolutionise the smart device market.


HTC Desire Alarm Clock Not Working

Have you got the HTC Desire and the alarm clock is not working?

The HTC Desire is an Android based phone, I was frustrated to find that the alarm would work intermittently. When I went into the clock, set the alarm, the alarm worked great. The next morning the alarm failed to go off… ARGHHHH… Finally after some messing around I figured it out, it was the task killer I was using, would you believe it that when the task killer killed all unclosed and unused applications to free up the memory, it killed the clock as well, well this stopped the alarm from working, even though the clock still worked and the alarm icon was still displayed?? So I added the clock as an exception in the task killer settings and now when I run the task killer the alarm still works.

So if you have one of these phones or maybe another android phone, killing the clock kills the alarm! but the clock still works…!!

Nokia N86 Macro

The Nokia N96 boasts an 8mp camera and I wanted to test out the macro functions of this exciting handset I had in my possession and compare it to the N95 8GB I had previously.

I think the camera is slower on the N86, mainly due to the size of the image, but the overall quality is better.

Have a look below and see what you think..

To see more images check out my Picasa Image Album

Proftpd Fails to load

After a recent server upgrade my ftp server stopped working, checking the log files showed no errors and so on the ‘off chance’ i decided to reboot the server as it had updated a number of critical files.

The server rebooted and everything came back on line, apart from proftpd, this was confusing to say the least.

I finally decided to go through the config file with a fine tooth comb and can across the line:

hiddenstor on

The spelling looked wrong so i added an ‘e’ to the end and tried to restart the service and no still failed with mo messages, so i decided to remove the line and restart again, this time it started perfectly.

It looks like a recent version upgrade removes this option from the settings and caused my error.